Laser Tag

Laser Tag

Laser Tag is a fast and rugged activity suitable for all ages.


Typically, 2 or 3 teams play against each other, or individually in a free for all. It is important to be both accurate and quick. And, when played as a team, coordination within the team is crucial. Players are kitted out with a futuristic laser gun and a jacket fitted out with sensors.


The objective is to collect as many points as possible by shooting at the enemy’s equipment and to attack and destroy their base. The score is recorded automatically by the system. When you are hit, your weapon ceases to function for several seconds and you lose a few points.


The laser used is completely harmless. Illuminated only by UV lighting, no computer game in the world can generate this kind of adrenaline rush - period!


It’s the ultimate activity for business events, children’s parties, stag and hen nights, or just an evening out with friends.







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