Quest Mission Rooms

Quest Mission Rooms

Where the challenge begins...

Quest is a thrilling and challenging mission-room product, created for all age groups! Quest missions and rooms are determined and designed together with you - our customer. The final version is built to your specifications and customised to the space available.


Easy to operate. Easy to play

The big advantage of this product is that it is fully automated. Each Quest room re-sets itself after use, and is ready for the next players to enter. This offers you operational reliability throughout your facility with a minimum of staffing. On arrival, each group of players is issued with a registered wristband.


This wristband serves as the entry key for every room in a Quest Mission Room. As players progress through the rooms, they can monitor their scores on screens located in the custom-designed corridors.




Who conquers with Quest?

Does it take team work or individual brilliance to win? Players need a combination of both!

All Quest mission-rooms are pre-tested to the limit in our factory to guarantee the highest levels of player enjoyment and achievement.

Most visitors don’t want to leave before they have repeatedly tried various challenges to achieve the highest scores possible.




For more information download our brochures below or see our video about the product at our Youtube channel and you can also follow the product at it's very own Instagram account, mission_rooms.